What to know before hiring a
Minneapolis MN area electrician
When you meet with Opitz Electric for your free estimate you'll be talking directly with Master Electrician Ben Opitz, the same person that will be on the jobsite in Minneapolis doing the work (and supervising his crew on larger commercial jobs), so the work gets done fast, efficient, affordable and most importantly…..exactly like you agreed on.
Poor communication is often the reason that home, office and commercial wiring jobs aren't done right the first time and end up costing much more than they should.
Is the person you talk to about your wiring job in Minneapolis the actual electrician that is going to do the work, and do they understand precisely what you want done and the most efficient way to do it?

Choosing a Minneapolis area electrician that is friendly, knowledgeable and easy to communicate with will make the job go smoother without the hassles that come from lack of communication. We understand that you want your wiring project in Minneapolis to be done the best and most affordable way possible, with every detail well thought out and finished with pride of craftsmanship.

Whether you're a Minneapolis homeowner, business owner, property manager or General Contractor you'll receive personable service, proficient electricians, and perfect wiring throughout your home or commercial business at reasonable rates.

Skip the hassle of trying to work with someone you can't relate to, give Ben a call at Optiz Electric 763-486-5113 or click on contact us.